Gandhi’s Salt March: 12-19 March 1930

‘Gandhi and Eighty Martyrs going towards the Jalalpur saltmines’ Achille Beltrame (1871-1945), from La Domenica del Corriere, 1930. ©De Agostini/The British Library Board Images Online

85 years have passed since Gandhi started the second great campaign of non-cooperation in British India, with the famous salt march from his ashram at Sabarmati to Dandi on the Bombay coast.  At the time the Government  prohibited Indians from producing or selling salt. Gandhi regarded this law as particularly iniquitous as it affected the poorest most. On 12 March 1930 he set out with 78 followers on a 240 mile march.

The British Library “Untold Lives Blog” has been featuring in the last weeks excerpts from a collection of telegrams of The India Office Records, from the Governor of Bombay to the Secretary of State for India, between March 1930 and March 1931, giving details of the salt march, and the increasing unrest in Bombay.


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