Egypt launches ‘world’s largest digital library’


The EgyEKDptian Government has launched the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) on the 9th of January at Cairo Opera House in parallel with the Youth Day celebrations.

The project is by far the largest online knowledge hub that gives students, researchers and the public access to free education and scientific publications worldwide. The beta version of the website has launched in English and Arabic as part of “Toward an Egyptian community that learns, thinks, and innovates,”  initiative. EKB will contain resources from reputable publishing houses such as Oxford, Cambridge and National Geographics.

Any Egyptian inside the Egyptian territory only will be able to grant free access to the website. The website has four portals to address a wide range of internet users; the children, students, researchers and general readers portals. EKB is expected to hold offline public events and workshops across several universities, schools, youth centers and culture centers in different governorates.

“Egyptian Knowledge Bank”, a nationwide project aimed at providing all Egyptian citizens with access to quality research and education materials. The agreements grant anyone with an Egyptian IP address free access to publications, journals, audio/video/image libraries, software and books from around the world.

“Our goal is to provide all Egyptians with access to world-class publications, like Nature and Encyclopedia Britannica,” explained Shawki, who is head of Egypt’s Presidential Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research tasked with organizing the project, as well as secretary-general of all specialized councils affiliated to the Egyptian presidency. “By providing these materials free of charge, the knowledge bank ensures that all Egyptians, no matter what their economic circumstances, will have the tools they need to excel in their education and research.”

Initiatives like the Egyptian Knowledge Bank are key to the country’s success, explained Shawki. “Strengthening education and research is crucial to our country’s future and an important step towards building an Egyptian learning society,” he affirmed. “By supporting these efforts, the launch of the knowledge bank is considered a step in the right direction for all of us in Egypt.”

More information can be found here.




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