Rediscovering Rabindranath Tagore in Mungpoo

Mungpoo is a small town in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. It is about 33 kilometres from Darjeeling & about 52 kilometres from Siliguri. The land in the place is controlled by the Directorate of Cinchona & Other Medicinal Plants.

Mungpoo was the last place Rabindranath Tagore visited prior to his death. He was staying with his dear friend Maitreyi debi, when his health started deteriorating. The ailing poet was rushed back to Kolkata, shortly after which he passed away. Maitreyi Debi’s home in Mungpoo was converted into the national museum Rabindra Bhavan, housing some of Tagore’s relics.


On visiting the place one can find Tagore’s belongings exactly where he had kept them. Artworks by the Nobel laureate cover up the walls. There is a caretaker named Shishir, who is a Nepali but has a better Bengali vocabulary than many Bengali speaking people. One can find him chanting the poet’s compositions all day which depicts his vast knowledge about the poet.


The bed on which Tagore slept and the mahogany desk he used are still there. You will also find several original paintings of Tagore here as well as several of his handwritten verses and poems. The museum is a must visit during this tour. It’s open on all days except Sunday.

This bungalow is a must visit for the ones with a soft corner for aesthetics and literature. It gives the person an insight into the life of one of the greatest role models that India has ever seen.


More informations can be found here.


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