Film: Trafficked (2016)


Inspired by the real characters of the award winning book ‘Sex Trafficking’ by Siddharth Kara, the film narrates the story of three girls from America, Nigeria and India. After being trafficked through an elaborate global network of illicit human, organ, and drug trafficking, they all end up as sex slaves in a brothel in Texas. Together they attempt to escape their enslavement and reclaim their freedom.

Country of origin: United States

Language: English

Director: Will Wallace

Screenwriter: Siddharth Kara

Cinematography: Thomas L. Callaway

Cast:  Ashley Judd, Sean Patrick Flanery, Elisabeth Röhm, Patrick Duffy, Brian Thompson, Jason London, Anne Archer, Efren Ramirez, Courtney Gains, Kelly Washington, Niki Koss, Madison Wolfe, Matt Doran, Amiah Miller, Anjali Bhimani, Matthew Ziff

Producer: Habitat Media Group / KK Ranch Productions / WeatherVane Productions

More information about the film is available here.


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