Pimps, police and pills: How nurses get healthcare to sex workers – Podcast

By Paul McNally & Danny Booysen for Bhekisisa


The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 21-7-2018. Foxxy, a sex worker who spends part of her time to informing the public about her work, showing her button with statement and her tatoos. During an AIDS 2018 excursion in red light district. (Image/Credit: Rob Huibers/IAS)

We take you into the world of brothels and show you how a clinic gets HIV prevention pills and antiretroviral drugs to sex workers in an environment where they don’t have to fear being arrested

We only work with sex workers. And if the whole community should know it is a sex worker clinic then a lot of the sex workers won’t come.Tracey: They teach us how to drink our tablets. If you are sick with HIV. If you are not sick then they give you PREP. They tell you things to do.

INTRODUCTION How do you provide health services to sex workers in a country where the trade is illegal? Welcome to this edition of the Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism’s podcast. I’m Mia Malan.Sex work is criminalised in South Africa.It makes workers reluctant to visit clinics because they’re scared that they might get arrested. But in Hillbrow in Johannesburg there’s a government clinic where sex workers can feel safe. Our reporter, Paul McNally, visited the facility to uncover how workers get access to HIV services and how staff work with pimps, brothels and the police to make that possible. Masego Rahlaga is voicing this report.


(Podcast/Credit: Bhekisisa)

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Bhekisisa… Pimps, Police and Pills


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