Writing the Mughal Empire: The Memoirs of Babur

The British Library is hosting a lecture on the Baburnama, rare manuscripts that help question the one-sided cultural exchange between Europe and Islamic worlds. The Baburnama are the memoirs of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire in India. The lecture will challenge the Eurocentric perspective on the memoirs and examine their function as a narrative of empire building.


‘Extremely British Muslims’ Explores Single Life for Those Seeking Spouses

A new documentary produced for British TV shines a light on how single Muslims in the UK are trying to find a partner. Channel 4’s ‘Extremely British Muslims’ is a two-part series from a team of Bafta award-winning producers highlighting life at Birmingham Central Mosque.

The first programme, which airs on Wednesday 2 March at 10pm, tells the story of single young Muslims attempting to find spouses through the mosque’s Marriage Bureau, their family and through dating sites.

Viewers meet 30-year-old Nayera and 24-year-old Bella who are struggling to find the right partner in the midst of their chaotic lives and parental expectations.

Despite choosing to go through the mosque’s marriage service to find a husband, Bella admits she is sometimes envious of romantic dates others might experience.