African Servants at Court in The Hague

From 21 September 2017 until 28 January 2018, The Haags Historisch Museum, Den Haag, will be hosting an exhibiton on two black servants at the court in The Hague. Enslaved as boys and presented to Stadholder William V as gifts in the 1760s, these two black men, Cupido and Sideron, continued working as well-paid servants at the court in The Hague. While exhibitions of this kind usually omit references to non-European servants, this exhibition centres specifically on servants of African descent in order to draw attention to an aspect of Dutch history that is little known.


Pink Sari Revolution

From 27 September 2017 to 07 October 2017, the Curve Theatre Leicester presents Pink Sari Revolution, a synthesis of drama, music and movement. Based on the book by journalist Amana Fontanella-Khan and the true story of Sampat Pal, this collaborative work of Indian and British Asian artists portrays the Gulabi Gang, a movement of over 400,000 women fighting for their rights in a uniform of blazing pink saris.


East India Company trade with the East Indies

Until 4 November 2017, the Library of Birmingham is hosting the exhibition Connecting Stories: Our British Asian Heritage. Created in partnership with the British Library, the exhibition explores the 400 year relationship between Britain and South Asia by means of some items relating to the East India Company’s trading activities with the East Indies.

‘I thought I was done with dressing up dogs’ – Interview with American artist William Wegman

William Wegman is probably best-known for his idiosyncratic photographs of Weimaraner dogs. His new book William Wegman: Being Human brings together more than 300 photographs from the past four decades. In an interview with Clem Hitchcock, he talks about his work with dogs and how it has shaped his creative life.

East India Company, Malabar gold, and Shakespeare

On Monday, 4 Sep 2017, 17:30 – 19:00, the British Library will be hosting a talk that traces the journey of Shakespeare’s play Pericles, Prince of Tyre to South India’s Malabar Coast. With the help of several British Library collection items, the talk will explore the connections between the East India Company’s import of Shakespear’s work and the export of spice from today’s Kerala state. Admission is free.