Johnson, Linton Kwesi

Linton Kwesi Johnson Records.

Linton Kwesi Johnson on Contemporary Writers.


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Dawson, Ashley. Linton Kwesi Johnson’s Dub Poetry and the Political Aesthetics of Carnival in Britain. Small Axe Vol. 21, 2006 via

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McGill, Robert. Goon Poets of the Black Atlantic: Linton Kwesi Johnson’s imagined canon. Textual Practice Vol. 17, No. 3, 2003.

Audio and Audiovisual Material

Linton Kwesi Johnson on Myspace.

Linton Kwesi Johnson reading “Inglan is a Bitch”. Youtube link.

Linton Kwesi Johnson performing his poem “Sonny´s Lettah”. Youtube link.

Linton Kwesi Johnson performing “Five Nights of Bleeding”. Youtube link.

Linton Kwesi Johnson performs “If I Woz A Tap Natch Poet”. Youtube link.

McKinnon, Karen D. and Caecilia Tripp. Making History. A short documentary film featuring Édouard Glissant and Linton Kwesi Johnson. Culture, 2008.

Ray, Rita. Linton Kwesi Johnson Interview. Soas Radio, n.d.

Interview with Linton Kwesi Johnson on, 1999 (May 25th).

Interview with Linton Kwesi Johnson on Democracy Now!, 2000 (February 24th).


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