Walcott, Derek

Mjöberg, Jöran. A Single, Homeless, Circling Satellite: Derek Walcott, 1992 Nobel Literature Laureate. Nobelprize.org, 2001. – detailed article about his childhood and literary career

Contemporarywriters.com: Biography, bibliography and critical perspective


Kirsch, Adam. The Odyssey (Rev. of The Prodigal). Slate Magazine, 2004 (Nov 29).

Jelly-Schapiro, Eli. The Prodigal: A Poem. Themodernword.com, 2005 (April 1).

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Campbell, James. A Life In Writing: Derek Walcott – You promised me poems. The Guardian,

Writings by Walcott

Essays / Articles

The Antilles: Fragments of Epic Memory (Nobel Lecture). Nobelprize.org, 1992 (Dez 7).


Forty Acres: A Poem for Barack Obama from Nobel Winner Derek Walcott. The Sunday Times, 2008 (Nov 5).

Prelude (From Selected Poems). The Guardian, 2007 (May 26).

The Acacia Trees. Poetry Daily, 2010 (March 29).

Audio and Audiovisual Material

Two interviews (April 2005 & November 2000) with Derek Walcott on Nobelprize.org

“Derek Walcott – Nobel Lecture” December 7, 1992. Listen to thesound recording on Nobelprize.org. , 23 Jun 2010.

Derek Walcott Sequence at the NYS Writers Institute in 1998. Anexcerpt from an interview with Derek Walcott, poet, playwright, artist, and winner of the 1992 Noble Prize for Literature, made during his visit to the New York State Writers Institute on October 8, 1998.

Derek Walcott. “Tiepolo’s Hound” Reading at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, San Diego, 2001

The 1992 Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature Derek Walcott reads his poem ‘Sea Grapes’ from “Collected Poems 1948-1984”. The video was recorded at Harvard University in April, 2005.

Derek Walcott. UCSD Conversation. UCTV 2007.

Derek Walcott talks to Christopher Bigsby about his Caribbean childhood, his literary career, rhyme/ metre and history as a progress.

Recordings/ Readings of four of Walcott’s poems: “Blues”, “Ruins of Great House”, “Sea Canes”, “Sea Grapes”

Derek Walcott reads from his work. Forum Network, 2003 (April 14).

Lannan Readings and Conversations: Glyn Maxwell with Derek Walcott. Lannan Foundation, 2002 (Nov 20).

Extensive interview with Walcott. CBC, 2010 (July 11).

Interview with Walcott and readings of a selection of poems. BBC World Service, 2010 (March 17).


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