Alexander, Meena

Meena Alexander’s Official Homepage with biography, poems, interviews and her blog

Voices from the Gaps (University of Minnesota).
Introduction with biography/criticism and selected bibliography (also secondary literature) and a short poem.

BBC World Service: Short biography and statements by the author on her style, ideas and influences.

Autorenportät (Universität Erlangen) im Rahmen der Interlit 97

Academy of American Poets: biography and links to interviews and poems


Ruprecht Fadem, Maureen E. Illiterate Heart: The Movement Toward Self Definition. Jouvert (Vol. 7, Issue 2), 2003.

Murtaza, Rabea. Rev. of Illiterate Heart. SAWNET (n.d.)

Joshi, Aiko. Rev. of The Shock of Arrival. Sawnet.

Sanzgiri, Jyotsna. Manhattan Music by Meena Alexander. Weber Journal (Vol. 15.1), 1997.


Rustomji-Kerns, Roshni. In a Field of Dreams: Conversations with Meena Alexander. Weber Journal (Vol. 15.1), 1998.

Maxey, Ruth. An Interview with Meena Alexander. The Kenyon Review, 2006.

Basu, Lopamudra The Poet in the Public Sphere A Conversation with Meena Alexander New York, Jan. 2002 (pdf, available via author’s website)

Gioseffi, Daniela In the Mercy of Time — Flute Music: an interview with Meena Alexander World Literature Today (Januar-February 2006): 46-49 (available via author’s website)

Santhanam, Kausalya.Conversation: Salma (Tamil Poet) and Meena Alexander at the Chennai Poetry Festival, January 2009 Available on the website of The Hindu (Jan 4, 2009)


Gairola, Rahul Krishna. Western Experiences: Education and “Third World Women” in the Fictions of Tsitsi Dangarembga and Meena Alexander. Jouvert (Vol.4, Issue 2), 2000.

Postcolonial Studies Project at Emory University: Brief comments by Carolyn Walters on Fault Lines: Establishing Identity in Fault Lines, English and Colonialism in Fault Lines, Poetry in Fault Lines

Writings by Meena Alexander

Essays & Articles

Poetry: The Question of Home., 2005.

Riaz, Fahmida. Zone of Radical Illiteracy: Poem Out of Place. Scholar and Feminist Online, 2000. – correspondence between Alexander and poet Fahnida Riaz (Pakistan), who translated Passion into Urdu

“Outcaste Power. Ritual Displacement and Virile Maternity in Indian Women Writers.” Economic and Political Weekly. Vol. 24, No. 7 (Feb. 18, 1989), pp. 367-372 (JSTOR- access restricted)


Art of Pariahs. Poetry Africa, 2002.

Aftermath; Invisible City; Pitfire; Map; House; Civil Strife; Indigo; Gold Horizon. Kavitayan. – eight poems

Gold Horizon; She Started to Write Fragments; Daffodils; Her Quest; Man with a Pencil. Weber Journal (Vol. 15.1), 1998. – five poems

Central Park, Carousel., 2004.

Muse., 2002.

Green Parasol; Deer Park at Sarnath; Art of Pariahs. El Ghibli Journal (n° 4), 2004. – three poems

Illiterate Heart; Spring Already. The Scholar & Feminist Online, 2001.

Misc Prose

Excerpt from Child Vanishing. Weber Journal (Vol. 15.1), 1998.


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