Appachana, Anjana

Biography on Anjana Appachana. Source:

Short Biography on the author. Source:


Mukherjee, Meenakshi. Listening Now. Source:, 1998.

Milton, Edith. Women with men. Source:, 1998 (May 3).

Sultana, Rebecca. Tradition and Modernity as Played Out in Anjana Appachana’s “Her Mother”. Source:, no date given.

London, Duranna. A Cross Between Two Cultures: Bharati Mukherjee’s A Father and Anjana Appachana’s The Prophecy. Source:, 2007 (March 14).

Tepper, Anderson. A Deep and Distant Time. Source:, 1998 (April 19).

Writings by Anjana Appachana

The author about Listening Now. Source:, no date given.


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