Basu, Kunal

Kunal Basu’s Offical Homepage



Urquhart, James. Racists by Kunal Basu. The Independent, 2006 (January 29th).

The Opium Clerk

Reynolds, Mark. A Tale of Drugs and Deception. Mc Gill Reporter (Vol. 34), 2001 (September 13th).

The Miniaturist

Banerji, Mithu C. Small but Perfectly Formed. The Observer, 2003 (January 26th).

Hussein, Aamer. The Miniaturist, by Kunal Basu. The Independent, 2003 (January 27th).

Gordon, Peter. The Miniaturist. Asian Review of Books, 2003 (March 3rd).

Huq, Nayla. Gift or Curse? A Prodigy’s Relationship to His Talent. Asia Pacific Arts Online Magazine, 2003 (October 24th).


Pisharoty, Sangeeta Barooah. History as Canvas, Invention as Tale. The Hindu, 2003 (February 13th). – article with interview on author’s chosen genre and his love of literature

Austa, Sanjay. “The Best Indian Authors Write in Regional Languages”. The Tribune, 2003 (March 23rd).

Banerjee, Sudeshna. A Plot in Florence, Forever Bengal. The Telegraph, 2003 (February 19th). – article/interview, mostly on planned new novel

Banerjee, Sudeshna. European Novel from Indian Pen. The Telegraph, 2004 (July 31st).

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