Das, Kamala

Kamala Das on Emory University, 1998 (Spring): biography and short paragraphs on her writing.


Only The Soul Knows How To Sing

Chaudhury, Shoma. Zestful Poetry. OutlookIndia, 1997 (March 12th).

A Childhood In Malabar

Asher, Pratima. A Jigsaw of Childhood Memories. The Hindu, 2004 (January 26th).


Iype, George. ‘Allah told me that in order to be effective, you should have political power’. Rediff, 2000 (July 19th).

Warrier, Shobha. ‘Manipulation is not a bad word all the time’. Rediff, 1996.

Kerala. ‘I Am Allah’s Handmaiden’. OutlookIndia, 1999, (December 27th).

Jung, Anees. From Kamala to Suraiya: As faith decrees. The Tribune India, 2003.

Writings by Kamala Das

Essays / Articles

My Book of the Century. OutlookIndia, 1999 (May 10th).

Short Story

Sweet Milk. The Little Magazine. – translation by Sindhu V. Nair from Malayalam story Neipayasam

Lies. Little Magazine – translation by Sindhu V. Nair from Malayalam story Nunakal


The Dance of the Eunuchs; The Maggots; The Stone Age. Kavitayan. – three poems

The Looking Glass (1996). University of Michigan, 2002.

An Introduction. Vandemataram.com, 2001 (July, 2nd). – introduction to A Summer in Calcutta.


Anklesaria, Havovi. The Histrionics of Kamala Das. The Hindu, 2000 (February 6th).

No author given. From Kamala Das to Dashi: Doing the right thing for wrong reasons? globalwebpost.com, 1999 (December 20th).

Jose, D. Surayya Caught in the Eye of a Storm. Rediff, 1999 (December 16th).

Muhammad, Faheem. Delhi Diary: Famous writer, poetess, Kamala Das chooses Islam. iViews.com, 1999 (December 22nd).

Versey, Farzana. The Conversion Chiaroscuro. chowk.com, 2003 (June 30th).

Khan, A.G. Surayya: search for redemption. The Milli Gazette, 2000.

Iype, George. When the Temptress dons the Purdah. Rediff, 1999 (December 14th).


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