Desai, Anita

Biography, Bibliography and list of works about the author


Scholar and Gypsy

No author given. The Persistence of Colonialism: Anita Desai’sScholar and Gypsy. Norton, 2003.

Fire On The Mountain

Ghogale-Kelapure, Pratibha. Fire on the Mountain (1977) by Anita Desai. Sawnet.

The Zigzag Way

Jaggi, Maya. The Zigzag Way. The Guardian, 2004 (October 23rd).

Hoggard, Liz. A better Painter than Novelist. The Observer, 2004 (August 29th).

Schuessler, Jennifer. The Zigzag Way: Come the Revolución. New York Times, 2004 (November 28th).

Fasting, Feasting

Brownrigg, Sylvia. Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai. Salon Reviews, 2000.

Wood, Michael. Indian Visions. The Guardian, 2001 (April 12th).

Mahadevan-Dasgupta, Uma. Fasting, Feasting – Anita Desai. India Travelogue.

Rawson, Mary. Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai. Post Gazette, 2000 (February 27th).

Jeyathurai, Dashini Ann. Fasting, Feasting. Patchword, 2000/2001.

Prose, Francine. Let Them Eat Curry. New York Times, 2000 (January 9th).

Diamond Dust and Other Stories

Ball, Magdalena. A Hundred Possible Answers: Anita Desai’sDiamond Dust. The Compulsive Reader.

Brownrigg, Sylvia. Dinner Stories. New York Times, 2000 (May 21st).

Jaggi, Maya. Intimate Escapes. The Guardian, 2000 (June 3rd).


Esler, Gavin. Anita Desai- A Life in Literature. BBC, 2005.

Writings by Anita Desai

Essays / Articles

Narayan Country. New York Times, 1982 (March 7th). – Desai reviews Malgudi Days by R.K. Narayan

The Narrator has Alzheimer’s. New York Times, 1989 (September 17th). – Desai reviews Out of Mind by J. Bernlef

Impure Thoughts About Dorothy Lamour. New York Times, 1991 (January 27th). – Desai reviews Evenings at Mongini’s by Russell Lucas


Liukkonen, Petri. Anita Desai. Kirjasto, 2008. – brief summary and assessment of all her books with short excerpts

Jaggi, Maya. A Passage from India. The Guardian, 1999 (June 19th).

LANS. Anita Desai’s Revised Sense of Geography. Indian Express, 2000 (May 31st).

Roy-Seiffert, Utta. Die Erkundung verborgener Wahrheit. Kulturreferat München, 2002.


Esler, Gavin. Anita Desai- A Life in Literature. BBC, 2005.

Desai, Anita. Glimpses of India. MIT World, 2002 (April 10th). – lecture (Desai starts reading short story at 35:00min)


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