Deshpande, Shashi

Short biography and bibliography. Source: Women’s Writing (Database)

Profile on BBC World – biography, short articles on themes, style, plans, being a woman writer with comments


Small Remedies

Mukherjee, Meenakshi. On Her Own Terms. The Hindu, 2000 (May 7th).

Chaudhury, Shoma. Mirror Has Two Faces. OutlookIndia, 2000 (March 20th).

A Matter of Time

Chaudhury, Shoma. Shadowy Treatment. OutlookIndia, 1996 (November 27th).

Writing from the Margin & other Stories

Bains, Rajdeep. Women Writers as the Other. Tribune India, 2004 (February 29th).

Siddiqi, Shams Afif. A Writer In Her Parlour. The Telegraph, 2004 (March 12th).


Holm, Chandra. “Is Literature A Public Toilet That We Need To Have Signboards Saying Men And Women?” OulookIndia, 2001 (April 20th).

Kausalyasanthanam. Popularity Is A Bubble. The Hindu, 2000 (March 27th).

Rai, Archana. Shashi Deshpande. OutlookMoney, 2001 (October 31st). – on her way of dealing with money

Writings by Shashi Deshpande

Essays / Articles

English,s Inter Alia. OutlookIndia, 2002 (March 11th).

Dog-eared Floppy Disks, Anyone? OutlookIndia, 2000 (January 3rd).

At the Crossroads. The Hindu, 2000 (June 4th).

Seeking a Moral Base. The Hindu, 2001 (February 4th).

Of Liberals and Tyrants. The Hindu, 2001 (June 17th).

Dear Reader. The Hindu, 2000 (January 2nd).

Paved the Ways. OutlookIndia, 2001 (May 15th).

Short Story

Memorabilia. New Internationalist, 1998.


Small Remedies – excerpt. OutlookIndia, 2001 (April 26th).


Kohli, Suresh. How viable is it for writers to be activists?. Tribune India, 2003 (August 31st).

Akademi, Sahitya. Distinctive Voice. The Hindu, 2004 (March 8th).

Bageshree, S. Whys and Otherwise. The Hindu, 2004 (February 16th).

Ghosh, Hanifa. Giving Words to Silence. The Hindu, 2001, (April 12th).

De, Aditi. Breaking That Long Silence. The Hindu, 2003, (September 4th).


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