Hariharan, Githa

Author’s Homepage: biography, excerpts, downloadable pdf-files with interviews etc.


Gaines, Luan. Rev. of In Times of Siege. curledup.com, 2003.

Desiraju, Keshav. The Burden of a Message (Rev. of In Times of Siege). The Hindu, 2003 (May 4).

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Rai Alok. Arise, Paper Tiger (Rev. of In Times of Siege). OutlookIndia, 2003 (February 24).

Jaidka, Manju. A Chronicle of Our Times (Rev. of In Times of Siege). The Sunday Tribune, 2003 (March 16).


Chakladar, Arnab. A Conversation with Githa Hariharan. Another Subcontinent – South Asian Society and Culture, 2005.

Gaines, Luan. An Interview with Githa Hariharan. curledup.com, 2003.

Ramnarayan, Gowri. Plea for Pluralism. The Hindu, 2003 (April 22).

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Ohira, Eiko. The Revolting or Abject Body? – Githa Hariharan’s Anti-Brahmanism in the Context of Mother-and-Daughter Fiction. Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, 2003.

Writings by Hariharan


In Times of Siege (excerpt). RandomHouse, 2003.

Short Story

The Warden. Conjunctions (24), 1995.

Essays / Articles

The Ignoble Politics of Naipaul’s Nobel. Frontline Magazine (Vol. 18, Issue 23), 2001.

Mad About Madras. OutlooIndia, 2004 (March 1). – Hariharan reviews The Unhurried City by C.S. Lakshmi

The Man Who Invented Malgudi. The Times of India, no date given. – obituary on RK Narayan

The Necessity of Hyphens. The Telegraph, 2004 (May 30).


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