Khair, Tabish

Khair’s University of Aarhus homepage, 2010: List of publications, research and research communication, books and articles

Author’s Homepage: biography, bibliography, news and links


Wood, Michael. Indian Visions (Rev. of Babu Fictions and three other novels). Guardian, 2001 (April 12).

Adil, Alev. Rev. of The Bus Stopped. Independent, 2004 (May 24).

Safieddine, Hicham. Discovering the World Through Non-European Eyes (Rev. of Routes). Weekly Al-Ahram (Egypt), 2006.

Basu, Soma. Different Journeys and Destinations (Rev. of Routes). The Hindu, 2006 (February 5).

Nair, Rukmini Bhaya. Intimations of Mortality (Rev. of Babu Fictions). The Hindu, 2001 (May 6).

Ghosh, Priyali. Babus versus Coolies: A Review (of Angles on the English Speaking World, Vol. I). SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London) Literary Review, 2001.

Kumar Shiv S. When Lives Intersect. The Hindu, 2004 (May 2).


Gopalakrishnan, Amulya. Not Just Social Realism. The Hindu, 2004 (May 2).

Writings by Tabish Khair

Essays / Articles

Whose Identity Is It Anyway? Guardian, 2005 (November 12).

Subaltern Studies: Hegemony and Speech. Jouvert (5.3), 2001.

Between Silence and Screams. Literary review, no date given.

We Have Lost Our Voice. Guardian, 2006 (February 7).

The Roaming Tiger of the Right. Daily News & Analysis (Mumbai), 2006.

Bridge Over Rubbled Waters. The Hindu, 2004 (October 3).

Foreigners, Fibs and Fairytales. The Hindu, 2005 (February 6).

The Colour of Our Passports. The Hindu, 2003 (December 21).

Go On, Cowboys, Surprise Me. The Hindu, 2001 (October 21).

Across Divisions. The Hindu, 2001 (April 8).

Placebo For Pain. The Hindu, 2002 (September 8).

The Attack on Parliament: the truth about our democracy. The Hindu, 2001 (December 23).

Don’t Follow the Leader. The Hindu, 2002 (January 13).

Hitting Back in Black and White. The Hindu, 2002 (March 17).

These Are No Revolutionaries. The Hindu, 2002 (July 28).

British Involvement: An Anomaly? The Hindu, 2003 (May 4).

No Time for Coffee in Copenhagen. The Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy, 2001 (October 17).

The Spiral of Reason. OutlookIndia, 2006 (October 16).

Between Words and a Hard Place. PN Review Online, Review 135, Volume 27 Number 1, September – October 2000.

How to Murder a Moderate Muslim. The First Post (UK), 2006 (February 10).

A Rose by Another Name. The Hindu, 2004 (December 5).

Not Just a Battle of Taboos. The Hindu, 2006 (February 19).

Murder of the Divine. The Hindu, 2006 (March 19).

The Death of Rumi. The Hindu, 2006 (June 25).

On Delegated Aggession. The Hindu, 2006 (September 10).


Our Friends From the Sky. Guardian, 2005 (April 9). – Khair reviews Aliens by Bryan Appleyard

Dig Down to the Roots. Guardian, 2005 (April 23). – Khair reviewsSurface by Siddhartha Deb and This Other Salt by Aamer Hussein

Indian Summary. Guardian, 2005 (May 21). – Khair reviews The Alchemy of Desire by Tarun J Tejpal

True Colours. Guardian, 2005 (September 10). – Khair reviewsDancing in the Dark by Caryl Phillips

Bleak House. Guardian, 2005 (October 22). – Khair reviews The Wonder House by Justine Hardy

The Sari Seller’s Daughter. Guardian, 2006 (May 6). – Khair reviews Home by Manju Kapur

Where Hell Begins. The Hindu, 2002 (July 7). – Khair reviewsHeaven’s Edge by Romesh Gunesekera

Hating America. The Hindu, 2003 (July 6). – Khair reviews Why Do People Hate America? by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies


Birds of North Europe. All-India Poetry Competition, 1995.

Kitchen (2000). private, 2006.

Karen Blixen: Two Photographs. Literary Review, no date given.

Birds of North Europe; Nurse’s Tales, Retold; Rumi and the Reed (three poems from Where Parallel Lines Meet). El Ghibli (2.10), 2005.

House with the Grey Gate; Remembering Tiananmen (2 poems). Kavitayan, no date given.

Cartoon Wars; Candelabras; Falling (three poems). Literary Ejournal Muse India, 2006.

The Young and the Old. Neue Sirene (Zeitschrift für Literatur), 1997.


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