Lahiri, Jhumpa

Voices from the Gaps: Bibliography (primary and secondary literature, translations, reviews) , plus biography/article/criticism

Barnes & Noble: Biography

Emory University (Atlanta): Rather detailed biography, plus article on Interpreter of Maladies, excerpts from reviews a short biography

Rediff on the Net (1999, August 23 and June 19): Interviews/articles on road to success, immigrant experience


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Writings by Lahiri

Essays / Articles

Money Talks in Pakistan. New York Times, 2000 (March 12). – Lahiri reviews Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid

Short Story

The Third and Final Continent. Private source, 2010.

Once in a Lifetime. The New Yorker, 2010.


Felde, Kitty. First Fiction: Novelist Jhumpa Lahiri. Radio KPCC (California), 2003 (October 1). – 14-minute audio clip on The Namesake, names, reading from it, on becoming a writer, family

Silverblatt, Michael. Bookworm with Jhumpa Lahiri. KCRW Radio, 2004. – 29min audio clip, very personal, very detailed interview/conversation

“Fresh Air from WHYY”. Jhumpa Lahiri. Broadcasting Station NPR, 2003. – 19min audio clip, personal, detailed interview on “The Namesake”, Lahiri reading from it

Ashbrook, Tom. Jhumpa Lahiri. Broadcasting Station NPR, 2003 (September 12). – 5-min clip, Lahiri on The Namesake, reading from it, explaining background


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