Namjoshi, Suniti


Maheshwari, R Uma. Aditi in Wonderland (Rev. of Aditi-series). Literature site Boloji (India), 2005.

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Writings by Namjoshi

Essays / Articles

On her coming out and her stance towards political activism. New Internationalist, 1989 (Issue 201/ November).


The Beast and I., 2004.

The Mouse and the Lion. Author homepage, no date given.

The Female Swan. Women With Disabilities Australia, 1994 (Issue 8/October).

A Tiger and a Saint. Sulekha blog posting by author, 1999.

The Metre of the Ramayanaby., no date given.

All the Words. Private, no date given.

Bird Woman; The Gods; Whore, Bitch, Slut, Sow (three short fables). Literary Mosaic Blog, 2003 (September 13).

The Bride. British Council, 2002 (page 38).


Croyden, Christine. Interview with Suniti Namjoshi. Hecate’s Australian Women’s Book Review, 2000.

Santhanam, Kausalya. Feminism, One of Her Voices. The Hindu, 2000 (February 20).

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