Suri, Manil

Manil Suri’s personal literary website and his personal academic website.


Hansen, Suzy. The Death of Vishnu by Manil Suri. Salon, 2001 (January 11).

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Writings by Manil Suri

Essays / Articles

Give Me Roast Beef Any Day. The Observer, 2002 (October 13).


Online Discussion. Asian American Heritage Month: The Death of Vishnu. Washington Post, 2001 (May 9).

D’Erasmo, Stacey. Interview; Solving X. New York Times, 2001 (January 28).

Living and dying in suburban Bombay. The Hindu, 2001. (March 25) – interview and introduction to the author´s work

Birth of a novelist. The Hindu, 2001. (January 21) – short interview about the author

Birnbaum, Robert. Manil Suri., 2000. – interview about the author of The Death of Vishnu

Cunningham, Michael. The Death of Vishnu., no date given.

Weich, David. On the Cusp Of Something Big with Manil Suri. Powell´s, 2001.

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