Mphahlele, Es’kia

The Es’kia Institute. Contains a short biography and a list of books written by the author.

DrZ. Pallo Jordan. Dr. Es’kia Mphahlele. South African History Online.


Naidoo, Muthal. Es’kia Mphahlele: Down Second Avenue. Muthal Naidoo, 2010 (November 21).

Rubin, Martin. Chronicling a World Apart (In Corner B)., 2011 (January 27).


Manganyi, N. Chabani. Metaphors of Self. Selves in Question: Interviews on Southern African Auto/biography by Judith Lütge Coullie via Google books, 2006. Some pages are missing.

Samin, Richard. Interview: Richard Samin with Es’kia Mphahlele. Research in African Literatures Vol. 28, No. 4 via JSTOR, 1997 (Winter).

Thepa, Madala. Es’kia Mphahlele’s Last Interview. BOOK Southern Africa, 2008 (Oktober 28).


Rafapa, Lesibana Jacobus. The Represenataion of African Humanism in the Narrative Writings of Es’kia Mphahlele, part 1 and part2. Dissertation on SUNScholar Research Repository, Stellenborsch University, 2005.

Writings by Es’kia Mphahlele

Essays / Articles

On Negritude in Literature., 1963 (June).


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