Goldman prize awarded to South African women who stopped an international nuclear deal.

By Johnathan Watts Winners of the world’s leading environmental award faced down Vladimir Putin and the country’s recently deposed leader, Jacob Zuma, to overturn a multibillion-dollar nuclear deal. Makoma Lekalakala, right, and Liz McDaid who launched a successful legal challenge to stop South Africa buying nuclear power stations from Russia. Photograph: Gerald Petersen/Goldman Environmental Priz … Continue reading

Warwick Thornton on Sweet Country: ‘Australia is ready for films like this’

By Luke Buckmaster Its Australian release has been preceded by buzz from Venice, Toronto and Sundance, but for the director, the audiences at home are most important. ‘I don’t know exactly why, but it’s working very well around the globe,’ Warwick Thornton says of Sweet Country. Photograph: Buckne/Deadline/Rex/Shutterstock There are many contrasts and contradictions in … Continue reading