Muslim composers who enriched classical music

By V. Sriram for The Hindu Written with a knowledge of grammar and aesthetics, their songs are immortal The Hazarath Gunangudi Masthan Sahib Dargah at Royapuram in Chennai (Photo/Credit: B. Jothi Ramalingam) If you think of the Muslim link to Carnatic classical music, Sheikh Chinna Moula and his descendants and disciples are the first that … Continue reading

Captain Cook and the ‘Friendly Islands’?

By Margaret Makepeace for the Untold lives blog Captain Cook and the ‘Friendly Islands’? Captain Cook first landed in the Tongan islands on 2 October 1773, during his second Pacific voyage. In 1774 he returned for four days and received such a warm welcome that he named Tonga the “Friendly Islands”. However, it is now … Continue reading