Advice for ladies in India

Advice for ladies in India

In 1847 a book called Real Life in India by ‘An Old Resident’ offered advice to British ladies going to live in India. This covered clothing, equipment for the voyage, household management, and ways of passing the time. A long list of essentials for the voyage was provided. Women were told to take dozens of … Continue reading

Huge effect of ethnicity on life chances revealed in official UK figures

Government releases collection of statistics comparing ethnic groups covering health, education, employment and justice Ethnic minorities face huge disparities in life experiences and outcomes compared with their white British counterparts, according to a collection of official government statistics being launched on Tuesday. The ethnicity facts and figures website, a government audit of public services, shows … Continue reading

The Quest of Eldorado

Have you seen Werner Herzog’s 1972 film Aguirre, Wrath of God?  Although historically wildly inaccurate, it has always been a hugely popular cult film. TIME magazine included it in its list of ‘All-Time 100 Best Films’.  Herzog tells the story of the Spanish descent of the Amazon in 1560 – a quest for El Dorado. … Continue reading