The Neuroscience of Intelligence

American psychologist Richard Haier talks in an interview about the role of genetics and various findings from neuroscience on the development of intelligence. Compelling evidence shows that genetics plays a more important role than environment as intelligence develops from childhood, and that intelligence test scores correspond strongly to specific features of the brain assessed with … Continue reading

‘Extremely British Muslims’ Explores Single Life for Those Seeking Spouses

A new documentary produced for British TV shines a light on how single Muslims in the UK are trying to find a partner. Channel 4’s ‘Extremely British Muslims’ is a two-part series from a team of Bafta award-winning producers highlighting life at Birmingham Central Mosque. The first programme, which airs on Wednesday 2 March at … Continue reading

The Healing Power of Stories

Gavin Francis, a physician and writer who practices in Edinburgh, explores the common ground between literature and medicine in a lecture delivered at Brown University, Providence. According to him, the two fields are but two sides of the same coin and can offer complementary treatments for patients.

Exhibition – Making Nature: How We See Animals

Exhibition – Making Nature: How We See Animals

Wellcome Collection, London, 1 December 2016 — 21 May 2017 Curated by Honor Beddard Exhibited are over 100 objects from literature, film, taxidermy and photography  reflecting what we think, feel and value about other species and the consequences this has for the world around us. The collection includes works by contemporary artists such as Allora, … Continue reading