Bhatt, Sujata

Contemporary Writers UK on Sujata Bhatt (with criticism, and links)

Carcanet’s profile of their author


My Mother’s Way Of Wearing A Saree

Chaddah, R.P. Poet in Germany obsessed with Mother Tongue. The Tribune, 2001 (March 18th).

Mehrotra, Arvind Krishna. The Anxiety of Being Sujata. The Hindu, 2001 (March 18th).


Bertram, Vicki. Sujata Bhatt in Conversation. Carcanet Press.

Writings by Sujata Bhatt

Green Amber in Riga. The Guardian, 2000 (March 25th).

Mulibrity. The Hindu, 2000 (February 20th). – poem at end of review of “The Harvill Book of Twentieth-Century Poetry in English”

Castaway Cantos. The Poetry Society, 2003. – about literary influences

What Happened to the Elephant?. Kesuda, 2000.


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